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  1. 240kps it says on hand controller it says
  2. Possum link - someone please help it's like hitting a brick wall boosting 1.5 1st 2nd and 3rd are fine then once in 4th car judders like it's fuel cut how can I prevent this problem I want the car to boost 1.4 no more ? Same happens in 5th current mods are Td05 20g Fmic 440s Walbro 255 Lightweight flywheel Straight through nurspec r Turbo 2000 v5
  3. Can you please explain a little please
  4. Is it ok to use a boost controller with possum link
  5. Managed to pick up a hand held controller is it as simple as plugging in the seriel to make tweaks also can boost be altered via controller thanks also how do you use this data trap thing is it needed ?
  6. Subaru impreza uk 2000 That's all I have done is changed from the standard td04 to a td05 20g and fitted a fmic do I have to change anything on the Base map also if I turn the boost up on my manual boost controller will I have to change anything then any help would be appreciated
  7. Do all link ecu run mafless is it as simple as just removing maf sensor ? This goes for possum link wrx g1,g2,g3,g4
  8. Anyone on here help me tune it ?
  9. I have changed the turbo to td05 20 g too and also have a fmic do I have to change anything for that ?
  10. j333rky

    help please

    Can anyone tell me anything about this ecu and what is it please can it be mapped my yourself via pc etc any info please desperate. I have s subaru impreza uk 2000
  11. It's a possum link version 5 for wrx subaru ?
  12. Td05 20 g 440s Walbro fuel pump Fmic Ngk 7b Nurspec straight through Apexi cone filter Manual boost controller Year 2000 x reg
  13. Hi I wonder if I can help getting a possum link ecu this week and I need to reset and have a Base map really appreciate if someone can help me out thank you
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