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  1. Can the dual half bridge outputs be combined to run the pump? Davies Craig says 10A for the EWP130, but the documentation for the G4+ Thunder says max 8A on PWM output.
  2. Any chance the new release addressed this issue?
  3. Hi Adam, any good news on this topic? If I were to set DI 11-16 to frequency type is the input capable of 4.5k Hz or is the missing firmware limiting this to 500 Hz? This would allow a short term fix while we wait for the new FW release.
  4. Excellent, appreciate the support. Looks like this will be my next purchase.
  5. Adam, I think that'll work fine for my needs, there is a lot of programming flexibility built in that should work. You mentioned up to 8 virtual aux, I only see 3? Regarding turbo speed on DI 11-16, do you have an estimated release date for the next firmware? Thanks for all your help.
  6. One additional question. I would like to install a mode function potentiometer (Motec) to change between boost, ignition, DBW maps in 9 different combinations. I can set a GP input for 0-5v but how do I make it activate the multiple maps? The maps only look at DI's or virtual outputs so I thought I could set the virtual outputs or other spare outputs (INJ or IGN) with the logic for activation. Problem is while I can set the logic to look at an analog input, it won't let me choose anything but whole numbers (ex. 3 or 4 but not 3.5) to drive the logic. Am I configuring it wrong, or is ther
  7. Hello, I am considering the G4+ Thunder for my project and am looking to bring in turbo speed from a Borg Warner EFR turbo speed sensor. The compressor has 12 or 14 blades (pulses/rev), and the sensor has a built-in conversion factor of 8. At a turbo speed of say 155k RPM I calculate I will need an input capable of about 4.5kHz. I have downloaded the PCLink software and looked at the documentation which shows most of the DI's are max 500Hz, but DI's 11-16 can do 6.5kHz which would be perfect. The Wiring Info help file Digital Input Allocation Chart shows Turbo Speed and shows 6.5kHz input
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