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  1. G1 Oh well I guess it will be quite limited in functionality too. I am always on the look out for a G4 at a G1 price
  2. So who can tell me what series Link ecu this is?
  3. Thankyou Adamw, the LEMv4 one was almost the only manual I hadn't downloaded , I suppose I was a little mislead/confused by naming conventions of the various versions and what applied to what.( somehow I thought LEMV4 was a later model) All sorted now, onwards and upwards. Thanks for your efforts with this slightly concussed and confused old fella...
  4. whwhere can I find a wiring diagram for the engine loom too please
  5. Ok thanks Much appreciated. So what pc software will communicate with it. I understand that I need a serial link too. Is there Anything else needed? Great resource this forum especially with your timely and expert responses.
  6. does these numbers mean anything 2004/02 s/n 005829 off the daughter board?
  7. Took a bit but I have the photo of the daughter board . I'd be interested if this is designed for the h22a vtec or not . Thanks
  8. What is needed to communicate with this G1 link Ecu then and is there any way to find out if it has been altered? Actually a clean install is the plan but maybe initially while car is being built for the track I could Jimmy this up to get car semi mobile was the thought. Doesn't have any serial cable adapter with it either. ..
  9. I am interested if there is a way to interface to an old Link ECU with the following details, It has come up for sale but I am unsure if its just throwing money away if I buy it. The details on the sticker of the cover are Honda d42v4 090404 I assume it has a serial interface that is needed to communicate with a PC if that is actually possible at all too? Any guidance would be appreciated Thanks Forgot to mention planned on running a H22a in an EG civic off this if possible, all Naturally aspirated and minor mods. Cheers
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