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ls2 coil setup

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i have fitted some ls2 coils onto my 7mgte and trying to get vipec setup to use them. all the information i have is from the megasquirt site this includes

Maximum Dwell 5.5 milliseconds

Maximum Spark Duration 2.0 milliseconds

Acceleration Compensation 0.5 milliseconds

Battery Voltage Compensation

Setting Net Voltage Dwell Compensation

-4.0 8.0 Volts 2.4 milliseconds

-2.0 10.0 Volts 0.9 milliseconds

0.0 12.0 Volts 0.0 milliseconds

2.0 14.0 Volts -0.5 milliseconds

4.0 16.0 Volts -0.9 milliseconds

i have them wired up as wasted spark and paired, i dont know if it matters but my spark plug wires are 8mm MSD wires i made, and the coils are the "round body" style.

Delphi number: D514A

GM: 12573190

im still new to vipec but learning as i go along, if someone could help me do a walkthrough on how to set this up i would be very thank-full.

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ill be testing these settings some time tonight, i found out i needed a male to male usb last night lol, but I think i got all the wiring right so lets cross the fingers :) do you set the spark edge falling or rising.

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