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open loop question

Guest filin

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Yesterday I tuned V44 PnP. The car run very well, my mixture is very close to my AFR target. When I switch OPEN LOOP my actual fuel table will be changed or ECU will have any fuel correction trims w/o changing cells? I switched ON after tuning yesterday and now my client called me and said that car runs much more smoothly, like Infinity his wife. I will get to cat in a few days, but it does not put me in the Sunday's relax)))



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The Open Loop AFR table must never be changed after you tune the engine. If you do change it the tune will be totally different. You should always have this table turned on before you start tuning. It will make tuning faster, as the values in the fuel table end up being flatter.

This table has nothing to do with narrow or wideband 02 sensor feedback. It is an open loop table, not closed loop. It uses math to calculate the changes needed in injector time, to achieve the air fuel ratios values you put in the table.

Also if you tune with this table turned on, you can make changes to the tune any time later by just changing the values in the AFR open loop table. No retuning with a wideband meter is required.

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thank for good support. I will retune fuel map and will check knock control. At first time I watched only Global knock level and Cyl#1-4 knock level did not work. There were not any knock counters, but I had high Global level. Knock volt works well. Also what Hz will the best for EVO in analog amplifaer? I used 7.5kHZ in V44 but with V88 I had More beautiful picture of Knock level global in the other EVO.

P.S. Today the engine was started with -15 Cels and 1200cc, small batery and 15w-50 oil. The client is happy

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