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Heat soak


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Hey guys, running a 2jz on storm, e85 on modelled multifuel. I tuned the car during the winter and it's been excellent until I took it to a hot drift event and got it heat soaked between runs. It was noticeably leaner, enough to feel flat during spool up. I'm using the stock closed element iat sensor in the intake plenum. Logged IAT of 169*f at the track, it's never been over 130*f on the street. Should I change to an open element sensor pre throttle or will I be able to get consistent AFR by using air temp fuel correction? Thanks for any advice

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A faster responding sensor will help but I've found the modelled fuel equation is quite aggressive when it comes to calculating air density based off IAT temperature, at least real world conditions don't seem to reflect the equation very well.

At low load and idle you should be leaning towards Coolant Temperature in the Charge Temp Correction map, if your still having problems you can use the traditional IAT correction map to add a little bit of fuel back in when IAT's are high, helps with hot starts etc

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