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why Link?


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Going to be Doing up my r32 gtr over next few years Bigger fuel pump,injectors ,turbo, forged pistons.....etc  and aiming for around 7-800 hp a the  end of it all why would i get a Link G4 instead of a haltech etc is there a particular  reason? or is it just the tuner available

that my decision should be based on?

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Most modern ECUs are very capable now, we live in a great era for ECU ownership! 
One thing which swayed me towards a Link though. 
Is, download all of the tuning software for each ECU you are considering. Have a nosey around.
Is it intuitive? Is there a help file etc? Does it take bloody ages to load? Do you like the look of it?
The PClink help file is one of the best and most helpful documents I've ever read.
Haltech didnt stack up for me, because it's more expensive for what seems like more features and a less scientific approach to some features.

Although, it's definitely true to say that whatever your tuner's preference is.
Will save you some headaches and $$$ for setup and install if they know the product back to front already.
A good tuner will be capable of tuning any type of ECU, but pandering to their personal preferences will likely save you some money if that's a consideration.

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