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Sequential shift set-up.


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I need to set-up shift cut etc on a Subaru Modena sequential box, have used this box before on an EJ with an M800 MoTeC making 700+whp, worked pretty well in closed loop mode with only issue being exhaust bang on gear change ;


Specs for the gear knob were -40-0-40Kg, in the motec setup this was 3v-3.726v-4.5v, which looking at it was likely not calibrated that well but upshift force used was 15Kg, the box did like/needed a fair amount of preload on stick(before ign retard unloaded dogs and allowed shift) to effected a good change under 850+fwhp with wheels spinning etc.

The link set-up is in Newtons, what would the conversion be from Kg ?

Gear change cut timings in M800 were all minimum settings(Delay 0.001, Recovery 0.010) with the exception of 1st-2nd(Delay 0.006) with a .5sec timeout.

This set-up worked and was effective, but testing and tuning on the street or drag strip(no cage etc to run 9s) was difficult...car was very quick, violent and loud at that power level lol

Any other tips on setting up the sequential settings ? New set-up will have more power(~1200whp) and again in a non caged street registered car so anything i can do to nail down some ball park settings with-out risking license and life would be very valuable. Car s being built to compete in a specific event but has to be debugged well before...


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