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Evo VIII plugin, problem when accelerating


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Hi guys, i'have a problem with my evo 8 with g4+ plugin, when i leave de gas pedal and push it back quickly the engine have a delay of a second aproximately before respone and start reving up, i adjunt log file and map if you can help me. Thanks

I'have a cold start issue to but i don't have a log of this, when start with cold engine it revs to 2500 rpm 4/5 second and after that starts bouncing from 2000 to 2500 rpm till the engine was a litle bit warm. Thanks for all

Log 2019-09-21 4;43;28 pm.llg evo map.pclr

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Looks like its going very lean when you press the accelerator pedal. There also appears to be a bit of a delay from when you do anything to when it shows in the lambda reading which will confuse things a bit.


try setting more accel enrichment and/or setting it to decay slower.

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