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stepper test and other stuff

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So finally the pnp harness for my supra arrived, looks good :)

i have however few issues,

1) the car won't idle, it cranks and starts but stalls if i don't open the throttle manually. even then it sounds really rough. the afr on the initial setup on "idle" was

around 20, so changed the fuel master injection time from 9 to 18 and it got a bit better, but to me it seems almost as if the ignition is way too much retarted.

is there a way to test the idle stepper motor ? i could remove the motor and try to drive it manually to see if it works but couldn't figure out how to do this.

2) the fuel pump seems to stay on forever

i might just re-wire the whole pump setup so that the supra fuel ECU is not in the middle. Though i still think this should work with the supra base map.

the car is JDM supra '95 manual, so maybe there are pin differences from the eur/us models. i have dual pump setup and was thinking about having an

boost limit for the second pump to start.



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got this working better now. apparently the pnp wire set was not plugged in enough, though it did click on all connectors. now the car is firing on all cylinders and the base tune looks good.

only problems remaining are:

Stalling when releasing throttle, so the idle pid doesn't open the ISC agressively enough to compensate for the throttle closing fast.

the overrun fuel cut hits too easily.

latter i think i can fix quite quickly. the first one requires some digging around the myriad of tables on the idle control, so help would be appreciated.

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