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Help with slow cranking motor, Supra 2JZGTE, V88

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Hi all

Having an issue with my Supra being slow to turn over/crank on start up (hot and cold starts) it starts fine, just slow to turn over.

Have just had V88 plug in installed and tuned, this problem has started since the install, as there was no such issue with the original ecu installed

Have fitted a new battery and there is no difference, still slow to turn over, electrical system seems fine also.

Anyone have any suggestions or have experienced the same thing?

Many thanks

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if it is not harvare(starter /battery, wiring...)-this fenomenon is rare and not related to ecu itself rather with setings on certain cars. oem use separate timing map during cranking - which has a fixed value aroud 5-8 degrees. if you don't set a correction map on some engines, depending on hardware you can get during cranking in a high map area wich has lot of advance 30-40 degrees and this pressure build goes against the starter....(so check during cranking where engine goes in the ignition map ...if goes into high advance make a correction map active during cranking/ad resolution in 0-500rpm area where starter works... it will start better actually/help starter with correct advance-aka less......)

PS. this separate single value table(rpm/degrees 2d) should be on wish list...... :D

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Thanks for the input Gents

Its a 6 speed manual for the record

Will check out the starter motor as it may indeed have suddenly developed the sh*ts at the same time the install was done, failing that I'll have my tuner look into the start up tune, he is very familiar with the software (tunes alot of Link ecu's) so I would be surprised if this is the prob but can never be sure.


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Guest Dave-Kriedeman

Put a voltmeter on the battery and crank the engine.

See how many volts the battery drops to during cranking.

Check your earths to the engine block and chassis using a multimeter, you should have a preferred value of less than 1 ohm.

Your brushes in the starter motor could be worn also.

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I have the same issue. It seems to crank a little too long. Not sure on my timing. Gotta check. It starts fine with stock ecu when I need to go for inspections~ it's not the starter or the battery voltage

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Has to be due to the timing during start up, my starter/electrical system checks out fine.

Mine doesn't take longer to start, just a bit slower turning over than with the stock ecu. It's definately not a big problem, just noticable compared to stock ecu. Other than that it's running superbly! Great piece of kit.

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