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V88 + CA18DET

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Hey Guys,

Installed a V88 into the car and wired it up. Did all the inital pre-start calibrations of sensors and checked that the values including the CAS came up "yes" in both triggers. Bench testing the fuel injectors they all work as required and every coil also sparks when tested through the Vipec.

When I put all of the pieces together and try to fire it up for the first time I can't even get a "cough" out of the engine. I want to make sure that all is working before I send it to get a tune. The car is dead stock using all factory sensors (except MAP and water temp. sensors as supplied with the ECU).

At cranking I get around 10.8V and the ECT and IAT are showing 'room temperature' values.

I have only got values in the fuel and ignition tables as they were supplied with the vipec, but I just played with 0 - 850rpm values to see if it made a difference.

Could anyone point out anything I may have over looked?

Thanks in advance.

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Guest Dave-Kriedeman

First and most important, have you done a Trigger Calibration.

You also need to Calibrate the TPS and MAP Sensors.

To do a Trigger Calibration,you require a timing light for this job.

Under you main menu tab select, TRIGGERS.

Then the last TAB will say Calibrate.

Double click SET BASE TIMING.

Set base timing at 10 degrees to start with.

Disconnect the injectors or turn them off in the software under AUX OUTPUTS - FUEL, this will stop fuel being injected while doing a trigger calibration.

Crank the engine while checking the timing mark,

Keep adjusting the offset until the timing light indicates 10 BTDC at the crankshaft.

On Nissans the offset is NORMALLY a negative number.

Start with a value of -80, keep adjusting the OFFSET until you acheive 10 degrees.

Once you have acheived 10 degrees BTDC hit F4 and save to the ECU.

Reconnect the injectors or re enable them under Aux Outputs Fuel and crank the engine,

Try using small amounts of throttle opening when cranking, DO NOT PUMP THE THROTTLE WHILE CRANKING, just open the throttle slightly while cranking.

If the engine doesnt fire then adjust the FUEL MASTER value and crank again, then open the throttle slightly and crank the engine.

Adjust the Fuel Master number under FUEL SETUP tab

Go to fuel Main Tab

And then adjust the Fuel Master Number.

If everything is correct the engine willl fire up or at least try to fire up.

It is very handy to have an AIR FUELO RATIO METER at this point, making adjustments to the fuel master to acheive an engine fire up.

Also check your ECU ERRORS and make sure nothing is in ERROR.

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