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fuel pump relay wiring Vipec V88

Guest |601|

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Guest |601|

Hi have been looking everywere on how to wire up 2 Bosch 044 pumps with the vipec V88

will be using 2 relays

could someone please let me know the wiring for the relay pins using Aux 1 as the trigger


pin 86

pin 30

pin 85

pin 87

have looked and people are saying different configerations, i have wired it as i normally do but the relay isn"t clicking

87 to pumps

85 ground

30 12 volt battery with fuse

86 aux 1 trigger



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Guest |851|

I think it is better to setup the vipec to drive the signal to ground, only aux 5 and 8 can be used to drive the signal up, with

limited current, so better to use gnd driving.

pin | signal

85  | battery via fuse

86  | Vipec

87  | pump

30  | battery via a fuse

here is my setup for the second fuel pump, connected to aux 2


this is the extract from the manual


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Guest |851|
thanks for the help guys this appliction is for an outright drag car running a fuel cell and 2 bosch external fuel pumps with 2 relays with the v88 vipec


alright, good luck and please post pics :)

I decided to go with dual dw301 pumps in my setup since i'm running e85 and bosch does not promise more than 500 hours of life-time with 044 with e85.

though will be running out of capacity this season so either i'll go for the dual veyron pumps or 1 fuellabs big pump with a reservoir with 1 dw301 in the tank.

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