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log comparison to show both values and delta


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As some of you might know, tuning on the road is bit different than tuning on the dyno, what you get is the log, not a nice torque and hp curve to look at after each pull, thats why its important to be able to analyse logs properly.

for me this means that i do a change, do a pull and then put the runs on top of each other to see what the effect was. Vipec allows to do this, though its not perfect, earlier i requested a feature that the log viewer would actually show values on both of the curves instead just one, and show the delta between the values.

I think this would not be overly complicated to implement and would make a big difference on the usability of the log viewer for tuning.

Also calculated acceleration from speed would be a great help, since thats what it all boils down to in the end. more power -> more acceleration.

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