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Antilag setup


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Hi everyone, I'm trying to setup my antilag on my 1.5JZ, I'm on full DBW and just want to make sure I have these settings right and appreciate any guidance.

I initially had the ISC override chart nearly matching the inputs but as soon as I let off the throttle it felt like I never let off the throttle. Am I supposed to set it at a base number across the board like 20% from 0-100%APS?

The setup I'm looking for is something that can give some quick rapid pops off throttle maintaining some RPM and just a tiny bit of boost build if any at all and able to disengage as soon as I throttle back on.  I do a lot of drifting and would like to have the throttle as responsive as possible when it comes to on/off throttle consistently

1.5jz setup antilag setup.pclx

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