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Misfire chasing

Andrew 1.8t

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I chasing a misfire the made me hates the car hope anyone can help 
Its 1.8T audi 20V engine big turbo setup 
Everything was working good 1.5bar boost 7k rpm with no problem untill i changed the throttle body by bigger one made modification to the intake manifold to be 2 sets of injectors and i put a kill switch at the main battery ground .... Then i found that misfire its only happens on load it rev free without load and it can go to 1 bar. 6800rpm with the misfire in second gear but in 3rd gear won't go more than 0.7bar and 4500rpm the misfire is very big
I changed the coils/spark plugs/injectors trying lean/rich mixture  and still misfiring compression test the 4 cylinders 180/185psi ... the only thing i found thats the volt drop to 12.6/13.2 at idle solid 13.9/14
Sorry for my bad English

ss1.llg bsk.pclr

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Hi Andrew,

have you checked your dwell time table?

if the voltage drops this can have an effect on your coils. But of the voltage drops I would first take a closer look at the generator. How is the tensioner for example?


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