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Fresh air anti lag


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Has anyone set up a fresh air anti-lag with the vi-pec? I have tinkered with my stock ecu and made my own pipes etc. Now I have the vi-pec wired to aux 6 (ecu pin 4) on my EVO 9, and using the factory SAS system. Im trying to see how this set up is typically tuned. Hardware wise I can explore much more later on as I feel the OEM stuff is really limited if not completely unusable.( I have a tial 38mm with an -20 feed line partially constructed, taking my sweet time on the pipes.)

I have for testing purposes set up ALS similar to a bypass solenoid using the home position of the TPS as the primary tuning row. I may try using more trailing throttle rows to kick things off.

the pin that the valve/solenoid is set up as a GP output with 2 conditions (and). they are ALS ON and TPS<10.

degrees absolute with various ignition values has been tried.

I don't have a turbo shaft speed meter but I do hope to have one soon.

any insight to the function or ecu capability required to accomplish this will be studied intently between my fingers and brain. :idea:

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