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new - owne new V88 for supra 2jzgte non vvti


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who out there in vipec land has had exp with the v88 and with a single turbo setup ?

I am currently in the middle of finalising the install with the tuna, but who can assist as I want to ask a few questions in regards to a track day coming up

for data logging and so forth



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Can you expand a little on what exactly you would like to review? Or perhaps you can share some of the channels which you have active? Your request is a little broad as there are many different aspect to logging strategies for competition car or drag racing specific cars.

With the Vi-PEc you have a total of 25 channels open for data logging, so your logging can focus on engine specific details with respect to the lambda values, knock values, variable cam references to different operational conditions of the engine, all the way to analog feedback of support systems such as EGT, EBP, oil pressure referenced to vehicle speed and/or engine speed. You may also look at vehicle speed data to assess the rate of acceleration, so the comparison between actual vehicle speed from non-driven wheel and wheel speed data from driven wheels.

If you can elaborate a little then we can better support you. Unless of course I have misunderstood your request altogether, in which case I must apologize.

Looking forward to your response, cheers!

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