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Is there a need to dial in ICS if using ALS?


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Subaru V7-9 plugin

I plan to run ALS which will be enabled through a dashboard switch (wired to a proper pin now, after my last experience with frying the board :D ) and activated per the software conditions

My question is, since cyclic idle will be used, do I need to dial in my ICS? Due to lack of time, I just raised the values so that the car idles around 1500 RPM all the time, and I don't want to do monkey's work if these settings will become irrelevant once cyclic idle comes to replace it

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Hi Hyper,

it all depends on how you want your engine to run, is it pure race or street use also.

Can you live with a constant 1500 rpm idle.

Personally I would set everything up correctly and have Cyclic idle active as you said via a DI and conditions that control the activation, such as a Virtual Auxillary, when needed.



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