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Audi knock sensor wiring for 1995 S6


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My customer bought this 1995 Audi S6 sedan with v88 fuel system installed. The ECU says AN volt 3 fault, which is for the knock sensor. The person who installed it had it wired incorrectly, but the fault comes right back. The sensor reads the same as new Ohms wise and wiring is good to the control module. What am I missing? Also would love some other fuel maps from a cold weather place since I do not have access to a dyno and the vehicle was purchased from a warm weather climate.

Thanks in advance,

Eric Paavola

Expedition Autoworks

St Louis Park, MN 55426


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You have an external knock sensor signal converter to 0-5volts connected to Analog input 3, is that correct?

In that case, often the external knock signal converter will keep its output signal to the ecu at 0 or 5volts blank for just a second as you power on the car, and this will activate the V88 fault code.

If the above is correct, and your analog input 3 function is tested for its use and working (knock sensor in your case) , then just go to "fault settings" under analog inputs and set "error values" for AnV3 to 0.00v and 5.00v.

Use menu "ECU Controls" - clear ecu fault codes, then press ctrl-S to store right afterwards as the software somethings fails to properly clear the fault code unless you store.


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