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mixture map set up


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Can anyone explain how to set up the mixture map?

I'd like to take out samples that are from when I let off the throttle, when AFR is pegged at 22.4 and when I am accelerating and AE is active.

How would I set this up so the mixture map will discard those samples?

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Hi Smelly,

when you right click on the mixture map and select properties you need to add conditioning filters.

You will see on the lower section it has these filter set ups, so you select the different parameters you wish to use to get the relevant info you want.

For example I use TPS as a conditioner with an movement < 5% to disregard the data so the AFR on decal fuel cut can be ignored with other conditions setup also.



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I know about the right click, I was interested in seeing what filters people use. Like what do you set minimum samples at? This is for part throttle cruising around town fuel tuning.

The TPS example was exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

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