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Unable to connect to ECU.


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Alright, so the basic issue is that I am not able to connect to my Vi-PEC i88 ECU (this is a stand-alone unit, not a PnP). I think it might be power-related. Some back story: I was testing voltages and wiring after I had relocated the battery to the trunk. Like an idiot, I dropped one of the pins that is wired to the ECU's +14V In that was live and it touched a metal part on the car. It only touched for a quick second, didn't smoke, spark, etc. I tested all of the wiring, fuse, relay, etc. Everything is in good condition. However, I am not able to connect my PC to my ECU. Only changes wiring-wise was that I relocated the battery to the trunk and run a long 4 AWG wire for the power. The battery is grounded in the trunk. Prior to this, the battery was in the stock location using stock power wires and ground connection. In this location, the ECU was able to receive power and I could connect my PC to it. I currently do not have every wired up for the engine but none of the wiring is touching and nothing from the ECU has yet been programmed to activate any power to the engine harness. I would like to note that everything else is getting power after the battery was relocated (radio, AC, instrument cluster). Did I fry my ECU? :( Perhaps an internal fuse or something?

The only other change was that I installed the newest iVTS (version But my ECU's firmware is version 5.2.2.

Other info:

Serial # - 20805

PCB Rev 1.4

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Glad to hear it mate!

You can always trust the Vi-PEC office to be constantly working towards an engine management solution which offers more and more value for your investment. The Vi-PEC brand is one of the few brands which consider end user feedback so what you see is the culmination of such as a further contribution.


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