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Problem saving changes on the ecu


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I just bought a Toshiba laptop which have window 8 to make adjustments on my Vipec ECU. When I press F4 key to save the changes I have made, the laptop shows me/open some screens and did not save the changes.

Can someone advice or have any idea of what I can do to eliminate this option and when I hit the F4 key the ECU save the changes made.

Your advices will be appreciated.


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Hi mate,

you have a few options.

1. Go into the settings of the laptop and set it up so that the top row of buttons works as per F1 F2 F3 F4 F10 F12 ETC

2. Press the FN KEY and the F? key you wish to use

3. Do your file saving and save to ECU via the mouse and the settings under ECU control tab 3rd in from left.

4, Press CTRL + S to store to ECU.



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