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New to Vipec so a couple of questions.


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Hi All,

I'm completely new to Vipec as my previous car had a Syvecs which is a phenomenal ECU. This was in the UK however and unfortunately there's little or no support for it here in Western Australia.

I've just purchased a car with a V88 plug in so I'm wondering if it can be set up to do the following:

1. Engine kill on Low oil pressure.

2. Rev /map limit on low fuel pressure.

3. Selectable maps via a rotational switch for example position 1 = 1.4 bar, position 2 = 1.6 bar, Position 3 = 2.0 bar, Position 4 = 2.0 bar and ALS on so on and so forth.

I've searched for answers and had a quick look at the software but I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for.

Thanks in Advance

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All of this is possible but nothing is preconfigured so it all has to be set up. Don't have time to give you details right now, but I can get back to it if no one else chimes in.

I use oil pressure vs rpm as an (rpm) limiter, and thus it kills the engine at to low or loss of pressure.

I use lambda vs load as the same function, with some tps data. (Instead of fuel pressure, but could use that in place of lambda if there's no WB installed)

A little unsure about so many different boost settings, but think it's manageable.

For antilag on/off the whole function can be enabled/disabled by a switch or other selectable conditions.

Of course antilag in of itself has to be set up / tuned

You do need the electronics of course, oil pressure sensor, pwm boost solenoid etc

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Hi ,

as Kristian has said , all of this is easily handled by the ECU.

As for setting this up and advising on how to do it all, well this may upset some dealers in your area.

This is how the Dealers make their living, I suggest you visit your nearest dealer and support him.

If you feel you can program this and set it up yourself, read the HELP files they are vey informative.

If you need further help and or do not receive support from your dealer , return to the forum.

This is just Dealers playing fair.



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Thanks for the replies Guys.

I'm currently building the car so not in a position to take it to a dealer yet.

It was more of a can it be done enquiry rather than a how it's done one :)

I'll also be looking at flex fuel too which I know the V88 does well.

Once finished it should see circa 600 awhp give or take but I'm not chasing figures it'll do what it'll do.

Thanks for the info.

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