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I have gone from a v44 with an AMS 1000 boost controller, all was well. I have updated for many reasons to the i88 & using the ecu to control boost.

AMS was easy to use with time based but now using gear based with the i88. Im lost. Can someone explaine in simple terms to a buff head, how the tables work with this ecu.

Yes I have a tuner, but im getting lost with everything happening so fast. Havent got to the track(drag bike) yet, but it is taking time to set this up.

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firstly do you have a speed input setup in the ecu.

You must have a speed input to be able to carry out a gear input setup.

The only other way around this would be to have a digital input for each gear and use them as the activation for the table.

Please advise if you have a speed input from the vehicle to a Digital input.

Then we can go through set up procedures.



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