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Back firing when key turned on

Toby Griffith-Jones

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Hi I've got an ignition link running a Buick 3.8 V6 with a Holley carb fitted Just using the link to run the ignition system with a waste spark system I've picked up the project and wasn’t involved in the installation I'm still having problems that when I turn the ignition off then back on it dumps its spark from the coils causing it to back fire. I thought this might be because there was no suppressor connected to the coils but I am still having the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Toby

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The way to fix this will depend on the type of igniter you have.  Sometimes when the ECU is turned on it will take the igniter signal line from a pulled high to a pulled low state, causing the ignition to fire.  Sometimes the igniter has dwell length protection that causes it to dump energy if the dwell period is too long.  Sometimes the fix is to power the coils/ignitier from a relay connected to the fuel pump drive, this causes the ECU to properly power up before the coils/igniter.  You will have to use a scope or similar to determine exactly what is happening on the igniter signal lines.  The easiest fix might be to try a diferent brand of igniter.

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