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Duratec trigger


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A bit puzzled here.. Running a Duratec 2.3 with double EMS one being a Linkplus G3 which does all the work. The other is the OEM system which still drives the dash and the central computer. LPG3 runs it's own crank sensor in a slightly different location than stock. The OEM system's crank sensor is in the stock location. OEM cam sensor in the OEM location is connected to the LPG3. Both sensors are reluctor. Arming voltages set low, Filtering at level 1. The engine uses the stock 36-1 crank wheel. The engine did run using using only the crank sensor in a wasted spark/ group fire injection setup. During this period the trigger offset was calibrated at -80 degree with reference timing set to 10 BTDC. Multitooth/Missing Crank 36 1 No pulse No level Prio 1 Now the engine has has been changed to Direct fire and the cam sensor was added. The cam trigger happens 50 degree ATDC cyl 1. The coils used are Ford COP type 4M5G-12A366-BC. PClink shows both trigger signals being present. No errors except when releasing the starter after which one error occurs. The question since the engine doesn't start, Does the trigger offset need to be changed after changing to, Multitooth/Missing Crank 36 1 Pulse Yes x1 CAM No level Prio 1 ? And need the coils be set to rising or falling Dwell Edge? Currently set to rising.

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Well, there are still problems but the biggest issue is the crappy way how all is explained in the manual. The offset needs to be changed but the way it runs now things don't add up. At least not when I understand how things are explained in the manual. Still need to verify with a timing light so I can't say to much about it yet. Added to that what appeared to be an easy engine turns out to be not so easy. This Linkplus G3 was also used in a former project running a Volvo 5 cylinder with a supercharger at first and a GT30 turbo later on and it worked like a dream although running from a distributer, did do sequential injection. I do not understand why the supposed to be easier 4 cylinder NA is giving me such a hard time. While ranting anyway, I was considering buying and using a Link G4 Xtreme for this car mainly because the Xtreme is capable of doing E-Throttle. Have also been looking at Vi-Pec V88 to be honest. The things that kept me from doing so, As it appears the support of Link has become less over the last couple of months, last year. Ordering from the site isn't possible anymore, no prices are mentioned anywhere and it appears all has to be done through dealers. The closest dealer for me is a Vi-Pec distributer.. Next there a dealer who appears to rip the package content and sell all items which used to be in one box with the G3 separately. Loom separate, MAP sensor separate. All added up it is becoming a costly experience. Can't say the Link company has developed in a good way the last year or so. Looking at the activity on this forum appears to confirm that thought.

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