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Wireless Link Connection.


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Anyone created, or know of, a wireless Link connection. Ultimately I'd like to connect to my G4 Xtreme for data retrieval via a 802.11 link, bluetooth or even radio (for telemetry). The reason for this being I run an offroad race car through extreme conditions and the Link ECU is well secured in a custom sealed box that requires approximately 5 minutes to dismantle. It means that I only have the ability to retrieve data at the end of the day where it would be benefical to retrieve it as soon as I pull into the pits (within range of the wireless connection).

If anyone has a solution, could point me in the direction of a RS232 ->wireless solution it would be most appreciated.

Cheers, Daniel.

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The question was obviously too simple. As such I'll add a layer of complexity (that I had honestly forgotten about) in an effort tax you.

The Xtreme in the new car is also connected to an AIM Evo4 datalogger/dash. I gather this would preclude me from running any direct wireless connection to the link as I'll already be utilising either the CANbus or Serial port and I understand the two ports are not able to be used simultaneously?

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