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Link G3 LEM controlling a 2nd pulse cycles for H20 power engine

dave w

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Hey ppls got me a G3 LEM on my mazda BPT engine, works great, losta power, but im sick of paying $$$ for 98 gas i found this web site http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/feb2/carplans.htm it mentions pulse cycles based off Load/TPS but didnt go into detail about the EMS/ECU to control it on the off chance. can the Link G3 control a "secondary" pulse rate, based on load, almost like that of a seconday injector bank, that run all the time but in this case the electrods for the element to convert H20 to H2+02 ,as well as the injector duty cycles for general engine running?? yes i no the goverment/oil companys are out to get me and i'll prolly be dead in the morning :P ? and yes im aware of all the crap that is going to happen to a cast iron engine, exhaust,valves, rings balh blha running on pure water Dave

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thats ok ..it was just a idea , that looked promising, and im not going to hand over money for it either and for the record do you not remeber school science when the teacher goes out the back, has a upside down coke bottle 2hose going out of it into a jar that has a 12v battery hooked up thats filled with water...then 30mins laters gets everyone to go out side, poors the cap full of "water" into the rim of the coke bottle, lights a wood stick and tells everyone to stand back??? and Bang the bottle goes flying?? he then explains about how slipting the two elements ..works...blah blah blah H2 & 02 still in a liquid state balh blah, fire makes them go bang due to well... O2 and H2 are well Good explosning thingss enough ranting it works or can work., but its not going to work on G3 link setup, which is ALL I WANTED TO KNOW

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