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Evolink G2 no Fan?

Desmond Mulhern

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I am in the process of setting up a G2 plugin on my evo1 so far i am unable to have the engine fan come on (at all) I have changed the Aux9 ON temp in relation to the Engine temp readout, but so far the engine temp will rise past this point and the fan will still not switch on I have confirmed the fan still works by swapping back to the original ECU Any ideas?

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There are a couple of different options for fans on those ECU's.  There are two wires that can be Fan Relay or Fan speed.  When looking into the ECU's main connector they are third from top left and third from bottom left (above and below each other).  Depending on what combination of fan relays and speed controllers are fitted to your engine will depend how the fan needs to be controlled.  Aux 9 is connected to the top row pin and Aux 13 is connected to the bottom row pin...

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