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Adding Another AirCon Clutch Release Parameter

Josh Burt

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Since installing this ecu I have had issues with my evaporator core freezing while cruising on the freeway. Currently you can release the AC clutch via TP%, FF% and a few other things. I would like to be able to release based on another input. I wired in the factory evaporator core temp sensor into the ecu and would like to use that to release the ac clutch when that temp gets too cold. Currently to get me by I am triggering the AC clutch on a GP output based on the AC switch and the evap temp sensor. It works great except I don't have the idle compensation that the AC logic has :(

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Just thought of a way to sort of get this to work in the meantime. I'll keep the actual ac clutch control on a GP output which triggers on the AC request switch and the evap temp sensor > 35degF.

Then I'll find another output that isn't physically wired to anything and make that the AC Clutch output which is triggered by the AC request switch. Then when I turn the AC on, the AC idle logic will still work.

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