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Tuning Ethanol vs. Gasoline....

Miles Hechtman

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Hello everyone, this is my first post.  I hope to be apart of this forum on a regular basis.  I have a question about tuning Ethanol.

To be more specific I want to tune on E85.  I have not done this before so I am trying to get as much information as possible.  I am having trouble understanding how to tune in Lambda vs. A/F.  what's easier to tune in A/F with the conversion for E85 (9.765:1) or lambda?

Any suggestions?

Thank you,


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Hello! If you have for an example a Innovate LM1 you should still have it set to gas. The tuning will then be the same with ethanol as with gas. You use the Afr like with gas and it will be right. You can run more lean without any problems. You should try to be at 12.5, no need to go lower at all. You have to increase the starting adjustments a lot like crank and post start enrichment. For the master you should increase it by 30%. A warning... you have to tune the engine with gas first to see where you reach the knocks. With ethanol yoy have no knocks/pings, the pistons just melt when you reach the limit. You can increase the ignition with up to 10 degrees, start with 5, then try maybe 7. You also sometimes need to straiten out the ignition around the max torque rpm as the cylinder pressure will increase a lot. Once you try it you will never run gas again, a lot of power increase and the engine will be more responsive as the ignition is a lot higher. Its fun!

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