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Cooling fan does not shut off


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Is there a setting that causes the fan lead "brn/blk" to remain active active (negative signal) anytime the ignition switch is turned on? The negative signal is present on the lead even when the pclink 2.5 software "fan status" state off. The negative signal is only present when the ignition is on.

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Are you sure that the fault is not in the vehicle and that the wire is being pulled low somewhere else?  Confirm this by cutting the wire and testing it on the ECU side.

The fan drive will switch low when the temperature exceeds the fan temperature.  If the engine coolant temp is not reading correctly or the switch on temperature is tset too low then the fan will turn on.  Check the ECT reads correctly and that switch on temp is correct.

Otherwise return the ECU for testing to confirm the functionality of the fan drive (contact [email protected]).


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