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Link G4 CDI compatability

Peter Giljevic

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I need some urgent help on this (Given Link are shut till 11th Jan). RX7 FD3S (Link G4 plug in ECU) Condition below: Car tested with stock coils, HKS DLI ignition booster 2000rpm rev limit (set to soft and hard cut) = smooth rev limit Car tested with CDI coils and CDI ignition boxes 2000rpm rev limit (set to soft and hard cut) = shot gun noise out exhaust All of the parts (CDI, coils and ECU were sent to Link for testing) and new software solution was written 4.4.6 to rectify the issue for me, I ran the test on the first ign system and thought it was cured, refitted my proper ign system today and it does not sound normal. I only tested it once and it scared the living shit out of me! Can anyone with experience please inform me of what your rev limiter sounds like and what I should be expecting and explain to me why there is a difference between the two ign set ups. I can't get into detail of what happened or what was rectified but needless to say I am worried to see a difference between the two systems. If any dealer or end user or Link can contact me about this or reply in this thread it will be much appreciated. I am fitting the same set up to another customers car over the holidays and need to have this resolved if a solution can be found. Best Regards. Peter [email protected] E-mail.

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