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Re: IQ3 Dash interface with G4


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Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead, but I figured to better keep questions about the same topic, in the same thread.

I have a Link G4 PnP with a IQ3 datalogger dash. I bought the ViPec EFI cable from racepak and I get all the channels that are streamed from the G4 to the IQ3, so far so good.

I wired in an oil pressure sensor, the generic 150 PSi kind, to AN Volt 4, and it works fine on the G4, but somehow when I want to attach that signal to one of the 4 custom channels on the EFI cable, I get no out put on the IQ3.

When talking to RacePak, they suggested that the output signal from the G4 is perhaps not in (V) or in (KPa), but in another form, and I would need to convert that properly in the IQ3.

My question is, can someone tell me what the signal output format of the Aux Volt and Aux Temp channels is? I would, as the name of the channels suggests, be inclined to expect (V) and ©...






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