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Craig Magee

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A friend of mine has an early LEM.  I'm not certain what model it is exactly, he believes it's a LEMv1 that has been upgraded over the years with the exception of the hardware (missing physical features such as wideband O2 and boost control).

I have set up an old laptop that features a serial port and can reliably connect to the ECU using PCLink and a Seriallink box.  We'd like to use it for some datalogging, it would be easier to automate the process if I don't have to rely on PCLink and starting/saving the datalogging from within it.

I tried listening to the serial port when turning the ignition on and starting the engine, wanting to take advantage of Printlink like functionality on the laptop.  Unfortunately there was no data.  The connection was confirmed to work by connecting reliably using PCLink.  The exact same laptop plugged into another friend's LinkPlus dumps data directly over the port when the ignition is turned on, even though it needs decoding (I didn't have the opportunity to start the engine and listen for logging data).

Do the early LEMs support PrintLink, and is the functionality related purely firmware or is it hardware related as well (being a model that's been upgraded to v5)?  Is there a control code that needs to be transmitted to the ECU to start data dumping?

Please help a frustrated hacker out.  Or at least put me out of my misery if this isn't possible.

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