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trigger setup problem

Dmitry Basharov

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I bought G4 Lightning for installation on the vehicle Audi V8 1991 8 cylinders engine PT.

I connected g28 for trigger 1 and g40 on the trigger 2 .In the trigger setup, there are no installations for 136 teeth. How should I set triggers setup, if the sensors work like this:

Signal Hall sender G40 is used for recognition Zünd-OT cylinder 1 to start the motor, and the Hall sender signal and signal timing must come together.

The correct order of injection may start then Motronic.

G 4 reads the signal is pressed on the back of the flywheel steel dowel pin. Inductive signal is fed to the engine control unit. Together with the Hall sender signal it is used to start the engine Zünd-OT 1 cylinder.

Inductive signal 72 ° before OT

G 28 reads the signal teeth flywheel. It produces the inductive voltage signals to determine the frequency of crankshaft rotation (teeth per unit of time) and to determine the interval between flashes (number of teeth until the ignition and injection in the next cylinder).

136 teeth in the flywheel, 34 tooth until the next ignition and injection

In the absence of signals G4 and G28 the engine start possible. When no signal G4 in motion the engine is still running. This signal does not need during movement.

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