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car keeps fouling plugs


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hey guys having an issue where my car keeps fouling plugs, so bad to the point where I now need to do an oil change cause I smell gas in my oil. my tuner and I are still just trying to get a good base map on the car before we go and put it on the dyno but this is now the 3rd set of plugs to foul and it happens quick within 1-2 light pulls. 


some information about the car, its a 1991 Eagle talon, with a built bottom end with Manley I beam turbo tuff forged rods, Wiseco 9.0:1 compression pistons, cop conversion using R35 coils, built auto trans being controlled by a separate aftermarket TCU, Holset HX35/40 hybrid turbo with a billet wheel and 12cm2 exhaust housing running speed density, large fmic, 1000cc injectors, aem 340lph fuel pump, radium fpr set to 43.5 psi base pressure, big tubular exhaust manifold, I think that should be all the important bits. how can I upload a log and tune file it says they exceed the allowed size?

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Actually figured it out gotta use Google drive now to upload stuff, here is the link to the files for map and log it is short due to the car basically immediately fouling the plugs right after I did mu first two little pulls.






EDIT: I just noticed in the log I lost readings to my map sensor around 6 minutes into the drive right after the first initial pull so I either have a major boost leak, or dead sensor? am I on the right track?

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Found my vac line to the map sensor popped off so it should be good now and tightned the zip tie that was holding it on a bit more we will see if this helps any. If not I will swith to a different map sensor that has a barb fitting 

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