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Acceleration enrichment

Jeremy Towers

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Hi guys.

I have just completed tuning the fuel maps on my L76 Holden V8 engine. Logs from my wideband sensor show maximum +-0.5 AFR errors.

I have some issues with throttle response. Using the default accel settings, the response to small throttle changes is good if not a little touchy. However under heavy throttle gearchanges, the engine initially responds but then bogs  before coming right. It feels like the enrichment is ending too soon. My wideband AFR  (for what it's worth) logs seem to confirm this more or less. The engine uses an electronic throttle which is working fine.

Looking at the settings, should I be increasing the values in the 'clamp table'? Do the settings in this table also alter the response to small throttle changes ?, or is that solely set by the 'accel sens'?

Your advice would be great. Thanks

Jeremy Towers


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