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Evo IX FULL pinout


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Is there a diagram with a FULL pinout of the Evo IX PNP, the manual only shows 80% of the pin outs/ functions? 

Are both of expansion ports available as part of the new/ current Firmware, or is it only AN Volt 6 (Expansion port 1) that is available??

Also, is it possible to use an existing input, such as the IC spray switches to switch maps, or activate a feature, by toggling the switch action in the ECU and flash out the IC spray light (same a Tephra modded stock ECU)?


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Edit to say I've found that I can Latch [Toggle] the input, but I can't see how to use the input to change to alternate ignition or fuelling table(s) and/ or to activate dash lights, etc?

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Good day,

From my understanding it's only the most recently produced plugin boards which give access to both XS connectors. I don't think that the firmware is a factor here. You can have your local dealer or the Electronz office verify the version number of your plugin board. You may also post it here up on the forum as well.

Digital Inputs, DIs, are used to active alternate Fuel, Ignition and even boost (wastegate duty cycle) tables. To activate the additional fuel as well as ignition tables you have to select either Fuel or Ignition from within ECU Settings, then navigate to Fuel Correction or Ignition Corrections and you should see the Dual Fuel table and Dual Ign Table options available. Within these respective Dual table options you will have to select table mode (Dual, Overlay or Interpolate. From your post Dual seems to be what you want). Directly below the mode selection you will find activation. Here's where you can find the available ways to activate the respective tables, you'll see that you may use digital inputs as wel as auxiliary outputs, virtual auxiliaries (so condition related triggers) and even digital inputs over CAN.

Hope this answers your question, however, if anything hasn't been explained clearly enough please feel free to make follow up posts at your convenience.


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Thank you for replying. I did start typing a response, and then ended up finding even more info in the help file when I was looking for something else..... 

It appears that ALL the I/O is available, so the paper version of the manual that shipped with the ECU is wrong. Both expansion ports can be used, which is great news. My lower board is an EVOLINK (IX) V1.5, the upper board serial number sticker says V1.4

So to have an alternate ignition or VVT map on a switch, I need to enable dual fuel? Copy the tables across and modify the one I want, such as ignition? 

I'll have a play with the Virtual Aux, as that sounds like what I'm after for something else....

Got it unlocked yesterday, next job is to figure out why the AC fan is running constantly, then I can go for my first start! 

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