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JEEP 2.5 trigger support?


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Anyone know if the G4x models support the Jeep 2.5 crank trigger from 90s model jeeps? I believe it is an 18-5-5 trigger. Each tooth is on 18* interval, with 2 groups of 4 (and missing 5 between each grouping).  I believe the 18-2-2-2 is supported for the 6cyl models and this is the 4cyl variant of the same chryco ecm line. 

This vehicle doesn’t have a cam synch but the plan is to add one of the single tooth distributor based cam sensors from the 4.0 6cyl so we can run at least wasted spark if not sequential ignition/fuel

currently shopping for a fuel system and while I have the ability to machine a custom trigger If needed, we have enough custom work going on with this build that I’d love to find something that can support the native trigger so I can spend my time on other things.  


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