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G4 Xtreme (problem at rpm > 8000)

Sergey Esenin

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Previously Sergey Esenin wrote:


I try to run bmw s1000rr , which can run 14000 rpm, but at  rpm>8000  G4 ECU work incorrect. The signal of crankshaft sensor (inductive)  interpreted incorrect. The value of speed is not determined correctly.

Has anyone tried to work at speeds greater than 8000rpm?

I found problem!

For working in range  >8000-9000rpm with staged fuel injection, the performance of cpu too LOW!  (
the crankshaft
sensor signal
using a generator
If I use
a normal
distributed injection,
the problems start
at 12,000

Question to the
Is it possible
to optimize

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The problem here is not to do with the performance of the CPU.  They have been tested here in excess of 20000 RPM with no problems.  Please be more clear about what the problem is here:

  1. Does RPM read correctly?
  2. Does the trigger error counter increase when the problem happens?
If so then you have issues with your crank angle sensor, the trigger setup, trigger arming voltages or something else.
Please send your pcl file to [email protected] (also include a link to this forum post) and one of the technicians will test it at high RPM and try determine what is going on.
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