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PCLink G5 sw - default ecu behavior and the "search for ecu" popup dialog box


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With people commenting about it in the g5 forum, its probably on a list somewhere already - but I didn't see it in the wishlist forum so I'll add it in here anyways :)

-Being able to see the serial number for the usb connected ecu in the "search for ecu" box would be cool - currently it just reads 0's for me on my ecu

-Having a button to say "set as default ecu" in the search box for people who only have one ecu they will tune and don't want to have to select it every time the app starts would also be very cool.

-Have a menu option under the "ecu controls" menu to select the default ecu from anything PCLink has connected to.

-Have another menu option to clear the default ecu setting as well.

-If pc link "sees" the default ecu in the list of connected ecu's available to it when it does the "search for ecu" - just connect to that with no dialog box popup.

These are not currently in PCLink Version 7.2.3411 from Nov 30 2023 build

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