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Rev 3 MR2 Mk2 (3S-GTE)

Graeme Simpson

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Hi, Seriously looking into the Link G3 for a 95 3S-GTE MR2, fairly competent with wiring so rather than spend a whole load of valuable toy money on the Link :) I would rather have a go at wiring myself. So rather than reinvent the wheel, I am asking if anyone has the wiring diags for changing the MR2 over to the Link G3, a reliable source has already indicated there is only 26 wires of the Toyota system required. Any help would be great before I got delving into all sorts. Thanks in advance... Graeme

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I have the exact wiring information that you need, but I can t give it out!  Search for MR2 ECU pinout on the web, you will find some info...  The LEM G3 only has 26 wires and most of them will be used.  It is a pretty easy wire in install, but still way harder than plugging in an adapter.  At least then you can remove the ECU and use it in your next car...

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Many thanks for the reply Ashley.  I have an abundance of MR2 ECU Diagrams and Pinouts, unfortunately this does not help me in this situation.

I am unwilling to spend so much more money for the plug n play option when the wiring is well within my capabilities.

The reason I wanted the correct pinout was so that I could make a proper informed decision as to which route to take, this only makes my decision harder.

Other aftermarket ECU's; I am able to talk to their experts on the forum and get the relevant diagrams to undertake the job.  It only adds insult to injury, when you state "You have the exact wiring information I need" then tell me I cannot have it :(

I am going to spend a small fortune going for an aftermarket ECU, mapping, etc....If someone can save themselves a fair wack by doing their own wiring then in my book its a good thing, obviously you as the manufacturer/supplier would rather we did'nt have access to tech info and be forced to buy all the plug n play options ??

It makes me as the question  "Is Link the way forward for me".

Thanks anyway


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If you have pinouts and wiring diagrams then you have all the information that I have. The only other thing I have is a PCB design file which for obvious reasons I cannot distribute. It is not my intention to "add insult to your injury", just that you cannot expect us to openly give out our product designs!I probably should have worded my response in a slightly less provokng manner!

If you are capable of doing the wiring job then good for you. To be honest I prefer an ECU to be wired completely anyways. I can answer prettly muchly every question you have regarding the wiring of the ECU to your vehicle. I have no problem with you doing a wire-in over an adapter!!!

It is a very simple install that doesn't require any special wiring tricks or accessories. If you prepare a list of what you intend to wire to where I can check it and point you in the right direction. The best wiring information that you can find will be printed on the circuit board inside your factory ECU. It will confirm that the pinouts you have are correct.

I can assure you that we provide our customers with with the best possible technical support and have often been told we provide the best support of any after-market ECU supplier! For our customers we provide all relevant wiring information that we can, free comprehensive instruction manuals, phone, skype, free servicing, direct email and forum support!!!

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