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Hi, I have just had installed a Link G3 into my Nissan Primera. Thing is I live in south Auckland (New Zealand) and if you have seen the movie 'once were warriors' you will understand why I am asking this. I had a look yesterday, found the unit in about 10 secs and could probably rip it out in even less. Am I able to weld in a boxing around the unit to keep it secure, or will this not really recommended. Just to clear it up, no I am not going to physically weld to the unit itself, and yes, I will take off the Battery terminals. Help is appricated. Vince

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Welding the ECU inside a permanent box probably isnt the best idea, heat and circulating electrical currents could do some permanent damage not to mention if it ever needs to come back for servicing.  Maybe a welded box that you insert the ECU in later, then bolt or lock it shut would be better.   Probably best to hide the ECU and then securely attach it to the car...  Take note of the ECU's serial number too just incase it ever disappears!

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