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plex sdm300 gear


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Link doesn't care about your transmission's actual gear ratios because it only sees the difference between your engine RPM and your wheel speed. This ends up including not only your transmission gear ratios but also your final drive ratio and tire diameter. Use the Gear Calibration setup and let Link set the calibration up for you:

ECU Calculated Gear Ratio Procedure 

The following procedure steps through calibration of the Gear Ratio Table (RPM / Speed mode only).


1.Set Gear Detection Type to ECU Calculated. This turns Gear Detection on. 

2.Set the correct Number Gears. Note that ECU calculation of the gear ratio table only works with number of gears set to 3 or more gears.

3.Display the Misc tab of the Runtime Values window (F12 key). Look for the Gear Ratio Status (right hand column).

4.Drive the vehicle in first gear. If the Gear Ratio Status displays "No Speed Input" while the vehicle is moving at speeds above approximately 10 kph then there is a speed sensor fault, correct this fault before continuing.

5.Set Gear Calibration to 1st Gear. Do this while you are driving in first gear as this starts the calibration process.

6.Speed up until the Gear Ratio Status stops displaying "KPH < 15" (this just indicates that you are going too slow).

7.Gear Ratio Status will display "Calculating 1st Gear" while the ECU calculates the gear ratio. Keep driving at a stable speed until the Gear Ratio Status displays "Finished". A stable gear ratio must be detected for three seconds during calculation. If a stable gear ratio is not detected within 12 seconds, Gear Ratio Status will display "Error Try Again". If calculation is a success, the newly calculated gear ratio will appear in the gear ratio table.

8.Repeat steps 6-8 for each gear.


Note: If you consistently have issues with ECU Calculated gear despite having a correct speed signal and stable Gear Ratio Calc. the Gear Ratio Table can be easily setup using a short log of the Gear Ratio Calc, (using all gears), simply set the Gear Detection Type to user defined and enter the largest Gear Ratio Calc step value into the gear 1 column and the smallest into the top gear column.

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