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VL Link Injector driver

Michael Moore

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Hey all, i am the proud owner of an antique VL Link :) hehe anyway, appears i have a buggered injector driver. now i'm not an expert on this kind of stuff so need a little guidance. i've traced the pinouts of the injectors back to an ic which i am presuming is the injector driver, just need someone to confirm whether it is the driver or if not what is. There are two IC's labelled 1949N. A bit of a search on google shows that these are drivers for other vehicles. Problem i'm having is 1 bank of injectors is constantly on and pouring a heap of fuel in. Cheers.

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Hi Michael, It could be the 1949, it is there to run the actual injector driver that will be bolted to a heatsink somewhere. Most likely it will be this driver that has failed hard on and not the 1949. If you send it to Link in New Zealand then they can test it on the bench and repair it for you. -Cameron

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