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Full Sequential Off of Missing Tooth Cam Wheel, No Crank Trigger


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Hey guys, and thanks in advance for your help; I have searched for this and can't seem to find a definitive answer, if I'm missing it somewhere please feel free to point me in that direction.

I am soon (ECU is on backorder) going to be running and s13 Nissan SR20 with a G4X MonsoonX. 

For those not familiar, the SR20 originally uses an optical Cam Angle Sensor for all of its triggering, with 360 degree slots and 4 slots for sync. This setup tends to cause sync issues in higher RPM (especially at limiter) so it is relatively common to change the trigger disc out for a missing tooth wheel; in my case I have ended up with (came with the engine) a 24-2 wheel distributed by DIYautotune.

This disc only has one set of slots, so I believe the proper setup would be to use these slots for Trigger1 in a Multi/Missing Tooth config, with Trigger2 sync set to OFF.

Now my question is: If I run off of only a 24-2 cam trigger do I lose the ability to run sequential fueling/spark?

I'd rather not limit myself to batch fire/wasted spark. If needed I can buy another disc with 2 sets of slots but I don't like that option as, from my understanding, it's no more accurate if both triggers reference the same wheel, and the cam signal should provide enough info for sequential.



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