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Firmware cycle power failed

Fredrik Pettersson

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So i tried updating my firmware today from 4.9.1 to 4.9.8

All Went well until the cycle Power phase , i cycled the Power once , still got the 'cycle Power' message, did it again and got message that cycle Power failed and ecu was running unknown code, making it 'skip main stage' and telling me to redo the firmware.


Trying again ust freezes pc link so i rebooted the pc , unplugged USB and turned off the ignition.


When i now open PCLink i ust get 'Searching for ECU....Connected....Disconnected' over and over.
trying to get into the firmware updater just freezes PClink.

Any help on this ?


Thanks // Fredrik

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I just experienced the same problem except I was upgrading from 4.6 to 4.9.8.  After working with Performance Developments in California, I was able to fix it.  Here's how:

1) Disconnect the USB/Serial cable.

2) Go into PCLink and, under Options / Connections, change the Automatic Connection to Manual. The Connection Status icon in the upper left should be Red and read Offline.

3) Reconnect the USB/Serial cable. But do NOT try to connect to the ECU.

4) In PCLink, go to ECU Controls and select Firmware Upgrade.  When you do this, the icon should go green and read Online and the Upgrade window should appear. It will give you a warning saying the version in the ECU matches the upgrade and there is 'no need to upgrade'.  Ignore the warning and continue.  The final button to start the process will say 'Reinstall'.  Press it and let it go.

5) When you get the message to 'Cycle the ECU power', leave it turn off for at least 10 seconds, then turn it back on and press the OK button.  Be careful not to double-click the button because the next message (with its own OK button) comes up in EXACTLY the same place and the second click could erase the message before you have time to read it.  (This happened to me.)

6) If everything works, the last message will say 'PROGRAMING COMPLETE. ECU ready to run.'  Click OK and the Connection status should go back to Offline. Click the icon and, after a couple seconds, it should go green and Online. Done.

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