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E85 Coldstart and light throttle

simon gottlieb

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Hey guys

I am having a few problems with E85 cold start. I understand it does not atomise well when it is cold but I have added a lot of fuel and nothing seems to help?

I have changed the percentage to initial crank, I have change the injector timing to 330 at 0 rpm vs % of ethanol, I have increased crank enrichment, injector prime time, post start enrichment to no avail.

Also just after the car has started when it is cold it is un-drivable until the car warms up a little bit. Light acceleration just makes it lurch and buck. I have just adjusted cold acceleration enrichment and just have to see how that goes.

What other tables could I look at to adjust this?

I have included two tunes on which has been altered for these issues. If anybody has any time to have a look at the two maps and maybe tell me where I might be going wrong I would be very grateful. 


Thank you





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At first glance I haven't noticed anything too suspicious looking at the fuelling but one thing got my attention...

From engine to engine results can vary in this area, but how did you come to those ignition numbers around idle rpm - did you need that much to maintain an idle?   If you haven't specifically needed to add that much timing at those rpm then maybe for giggles just try highlighting 0-1000rpm and doing a '-25%' to the timing in that entire range, and give it a go and see if it's any better.  I've seen over advanced light load stuff quite a bit, and it doesn't necessarily make itself obvious but E85 on a cold block doesn't put up with much sillyness so I'd not be too surprised if that issue could be caused by that.

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Thanks for the tips guys.


I have adjusted both items that you guys have suggested and ill see how that pans out. It isn't to cold here at the moment so I might have to wait a while. I am unsure of why that ignition advance was used as my tuner had used those values. 

Ill keep this thread updated with how I go



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How cold are you talking?  I was assuming it was a general cold start issue - ethanol can be difficult in really cold temperatures.

If the timing NEEDED to be as high as what you had, my suggestion could actually make it run worse - depends on how aggressive your cams and a few other things.  Either way, let us know how you get on and good luck :)

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